Members of the Board of Regents, Honored Delegates, Chancellor Brisch, and other Special Guests.


This is indeed an honor and my very good fortune to be


President of the Professional/Administrative Staff Association


in this year of our Lord, the year 2000. The acronym for


Professional/Administrative Staff Association is P A S A.



PASA was born on November 14, 1990 when the by-laws were


first written. That was during the Administration of our 4th


President, Dr. Larry Nutter. Dr. Nutter had the foresight to


help this organization get started and it has developed into an


organization that brings professional and administrative staff


together at Rose State College. As the institution has grown,


so has PASA, and there are now about 100 professional


administrative staff at the college today. These people do not teach


but they perform vital roles in support of the teaching function. Our


organization is a group of highly intelligent and dedicated


individuals always looking at the improvement and the betterment


of our great institution.







Now on this 28th day of September, the year 2000 it is my


extreme pleasure to welcome our 5th President of Rose State


College. We have been very fortunate in getting to know him


as our Executive Vice President for several years and have


grown very confident in his abilities as a superior leader for our





I personally stand ready and I know that the PASA


membership stands ready to be an integral part of the team


that will support whole-heartedly this new president as he


guides us into the 21st century. It is our pleasure to join in this


inauguation and to be part of a new administration lead by Dr.


James Cook our new 5th President of Rose State College.