Using Internet Tools


Class #1 Moving and transferring files


. using Windows clipboard, Notepad and WordPad

. 3 1/2 disk to hard disk, hard disk to 3

. hard disk to hard disk (one folder to another folder)

. text and word processing files

. html files

. images and pictures

. taking an image from the internet

. putting an image in to your web page account


Class #2 Handling pictures and images


. GIF and JPG files

. using images and pictures on your web pages

. techniques of using the browser with images (creating wallpaper)

. action (moving) images (flag waving, penquin dancing, etc.)


Class #3 Working with sound files and software


. Real Audio

. Winamp

. Windows Media


Class #4 Getting your pictures and images into your computer


. Using a scanner

. Using a digital camera


Class #5 Using Microsoft Photo Editor


. Modifying and enhancing scanned pictures and images

. Modifying and enhancing pictures taken with a digital camera

. Creating thumbnails

. Resizing and enhancing images


Class #6 Setting up an electronic picture album


. Using a template furnished by Bill

. Some enhancing tips using html

. Getting everything set up on your web site

. Other useful tips


Class #7 Making your web site exciting with pictures and images


. Web design considerations

. Web management considerations

. Tips for frequent updating

. Other useful tips


Class #8 Summarizing and Review


. Your questions and concerns

. How to keep adding to your knowledge in the future