Bill Winters' Advanced Internet Class

Class #1

1 - We will be using Geocities to set up our web pages in this class. It will be helpful to you to go to the
Geocities Web Site and read about how to get started. [We will take you through all the steps in class.]

2 - In order to get an idea about what HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is, you can go to Athens 2090 and browse around.

Class #2

1 - We will make sure everyone has a valid Yahoo email address.

(Be sure you come to class knowing your login and your password.)

2 - Everyone will pick and set up a Geocities address for their web page.

.... Remember to write down the member name that you choose for your page.

.... You will receive a password from Geocities at the email address you furnish them. (This is why it is important that you have a vaild email address that you know you can get in to find out what your password is.)

3 - Geocities has three kinds of editors

a) EZ Editor

b) Basic HTML Editor

c) Advanced HTML Editor

+ a GeoBuilder.

4 - We will start with the Basic HTML editor first. Then, we will move to the Advanced HTML Editor. We are going to learn the fundamentals of HTML (HyperText Markup Language in this class.


Class #3

Today we will learn

1 How to use the File Manager.

2 How to use the "Geoguide Manager".

3 How to link to Bill's Senior Friends.

4 The basics of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Class #4

Today we will be concerned in this class with basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Example 1 - How to set up a title bar.

Title bar example

Example 2 - An example of standard body text.

Standard Body Text Example

Example 3 - An example of using break tags.

Break Tag Example

Class #5

Today we will be concerned in this class with more basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Example 4 - How to use Headings of various size in the body of your web page.

Example 5 - How to break down your text into paragraphs.

Example 6 - Learn to use a preformatted tag.

Class #6

In this class, we will cover those examples that we did not get to last time. Here is another example.

Example 7 - This is an example of a blockquote tag.

We will learn about "background colors" and how to select them. Here are some background colors for your web page.


Class #7

In this class, we will cover the topic of hyperlinks (or just plain links). When ever you want to give the visitor to your site an option to link to another page at your site or to a completely different web site you can use the following HTML code to do this.

<a href="class_100598.htm"> The class on October 5, 1998</a> <br> The class on October 5, 1998

<a href="">Yahoo</a> <br> Yahoo


Class #8