Web Page Management Class Syllabus

Class 1 - Review HTML, Geocities Account, file manager, editor, Yahoo email account.

          What's my web site about?   What is the theme of my web site?

Class 2 - The Design Structure of my web site.

          Techniques for updating a

             . non-frames sequential design.

             . non-frames menu structure.

             . frames menu structure.

Class 3 - Considerations to take into account in updating

             . Do I want visitors to come back to my site?

             . What are the static parts of my web site?

             . What are the dynamic parts of my web site?

             . How often do I need to update my web site?


Class 4 - Special add-ons furnished by the host

             . search tools

             . images

             . guestbook

             . counters

Class 5 - Background themes and images, forms, other tools.


Class 6 - Getting more traffic to your website.


Class 7 - How to measure the success of your web site.


Class 8 - Special techniques. Review.