Hi ... Bill Winters here ... It's always nice to have visitors so won't you take a bit of time to sign in ... you can leave me whatever message you wish. I'm glad you visited.

- 11/15/99 16:23:53


- 11/01/99 02:58:25


Luise Killian - 10/29/99 23:28:09
My Email:LuiseKillian@yahoo.com

Hi Bill, how are you. I went to your web side to see what horses you picked for Oct 30, 1999. We are going to the races tomorrow, but what a shame you have not posted your picks for tomorrow. I guess I will have to re-check tomorrow morning. Did you and your wife have a good time in old Germany? Tell me about it. Thanks Luise

Richard Rieben - 09/16/99 05:46:41
My URL:http://redrival.com/reciprocia
My Email:rrieben@hotbot.com

I enjoyed poking around your website. No specific comments at this time; maybe on another visit.

Charles E.Krebs - 09/10/99 19:51:39
My URL:http://krebs.web.com
My Email:krebs@ttlc.net

I have followed the horses for 50 years and have over 100 GOOD systems. and the best system gave $50,000 in july,and I lost $60,000 in august!!! Not one of my GOOD systems ever held up. Charlie

Leonard Carden - 09/06/99 18:05:51
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/researchtriangle/facility/7311
My Email:leroycok@yahoo.com

I'm presently enrolled and attend your advanced internet class. It's very interesting to me and I thank you for all your teaching efforts. Next class is Sep 13, 1999. 10:00 AM. See ya.

Garofolo,R & L - 09/06/99 01:17:28
My Email:Yardbe@aol.com

We enjoyed your pictures but not more than seeing you last evening. It has been a long time. Enjoy!!! Love, Rich and Lynn

Carole Johnson - 08/02/99 13:47:14
My Email:csj1937

You are a very interesting person with a lot of versifide interest. I enjoyed your class this semester.

Carole Johnson - 08/02/99 13:47:04
My Email:csj1937

You are a very interesting person with a lot of versifide interest. I enjoyed your class this semester.

Phillip Davis - 07/21/99 17:01:25
My URL:http://homepages.msn.com/CapitolDr/true_grit
My Email:Lagoon_Nebula@hotmail.com

I invite you my homepage. Regards, Phillip Davis

Cindy Hutcheson - 06/24/99 00:18:47
My Email:Paintnlz@aol.com


Cindy Hutcheson - 06/24/99 00:14:51


Judy M. Ward - 04/19/99 14:23:59
My Email:jandbward@yahoo.com

Hi Bill: I am really interested and excited about having a home page. I look forward to taking your advanced class this summer. Please give me first hand info about registration. Do you have a schedule yet; and, may I enroll? Look forward to talking to you soo . Judy

Greg - 03/14/99 00:29:09
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~dashingperfection/cigar.html
My Email:luckygreg@webtv.net

Nice Page!!! I'm looking forward to Remington's Quarter Horse meet. Let me know if your interested in a link exchange.

Jim - 03/13/99 19:41:59


James Bowers - 01/26/99 20:24:54
My Email:mwcbower@juno.com

Hi Bill I finally took big step and got on line. At least for up to 100 hours.. Will wirte you later. James

Karl H. Farris - 01/19/99 19:54:18
My Email:farriskarl@hotmail.com

Mr. Winters, Karl Farris here, Gary's old friend. Nice page! Good to hear thoughts from a fellow conservative. Hope all is well. Gary and Cindy will be visiting us next week. Pam, my wife is pregnant with our next child. Benjamin Howard Farris is 19 months old and already rules the roost. I'm going to study up on your Y2K info. I believe Roosevelt's speech about "fear" describes what is going to be the real problem. Panick and lack of preparations will cause a problem that could, but won't be prevented.....Karl

Tom Menasco - 12/03/98 23:20:44
My URL:http://menascos.com
My Email:Tom-Menasco@email.msn.com

1.7million hits ain't bad. regards a voice from the past Tom Menasco

Ausmn G. Perry - 11/28/98 03:04:12
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/Market/6549
My Email:ausmanperry@geocities.com

Believe I've already signed this, but I'll do her again, to be sure! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Ausman

melody duke - 11/25/98 14:20:03
My Email:mmdjcdwrd@prodiogy.net

Please send me a e-mail about what you offer and the tracks you pick from and the cost.

Ausman G. Perry - 11/02/98 22:45:54
My URL:http://www.ausgp@worldnet.att.net
My Email:ausgperry@geocities.com

There's enough difference between my old 'modified'AST Advantage and your Gateways to be somewhat difficult at times. Today is the 2nd of Nov, after class, and we'll see you at 2 pm Wed, 4th. What's a URL?

Letha Coates - 11/02/98 15:07:28
My Email:russc03.ibm.net

I enjoy your class very much. I only wish it started a little later in the day.

charley holloway - 10/27/98 02:57:02
My Email:charley2@alltel.net

need awinner will place a bet for you like to here from you

Nick - 10/26/98 17:14:25
My Email:nickhar@aol.com

I am tyrying to get your picks for Remington Park as it gives your name in the Mining companys free picks list. Is that a mistake? thanks nickhar@aol.com

Pat Tooman - 10/07/98 17:05:31
My Email:tooman@webtv.com

I can't really comment as yet since I just found you. However advising me of the senior citizens computer classes is a good start as I also have another computer and quite frankly not too affluent on either one.

tom myers - 09/14/98 15:10:37
My Email:tbmyrs@flash.net

Not much. Am in clas but left books at home. Not very smart. I am listening>

Ruth Whittet - 09/05/98 20:25:10
My Email:wkw@hotmail.com

Thanks for the messages. Still having problems unerstanding E-mail. HELP!!!! Ruth

Ausman G. Perry - 08/28/98 21:24:57
My Email:ausgp@worldnet.att.com.

Bill Maynard finally gave me the last clue on how to call up geocities, today, the 28th, after I was about to take up knitting or golf! See you Monday, the 31st, although I didn't see anything so startling and/or interesting on the geo page! Was it upda ed?

LELAND GALE - 08/07/98 19:07:00

I am searching for an ANSI standard.

GREG MONTGOMERY - 08/07/98 02:09:25
My Email:sward@ilinkusa.net

Live in okc need more picks at remington park how much are they do not have cr. card

glen bradley - 07/29/98 01:58:37
My Email:bradleg@isys.ca

I am from Canada and hope to make it down to Remington in the fall as I have a brother in Oklahoma city

Ruth Whittet - 07/28/98 02:35:06
My Email:ruthwhittet@hotmail.com

Hi Bill, I tried to send you an email. Did you get it? Ruth

tom myers - 07/27/98 13:32:42
My URL:http://tbmyrs
My Email:tbmyrs


Mickie Brundage - 07/21/98 05:04:28
My Email:MBrund8880@AOL.com

I think looks great. Congradulations! Thank you for doing all of this. MB

Jeanne Shirley - 07/14/98 10:37:07
My Email:jeannecs@hotmail.com

I couldn't get to my hotmail in class or after getting home but look at me at 5:30a.m. Don't know if I can keep up with these hours.

- 07/14/98 00:54:15


John E. Short - 07/04/98 23:41:31
My Email:Shanc16191@aol.com

Hipe to be in your class next fall for Windows 98

Bill Bonham - 06/22/98 16:50:15
My URL:http://www.hotmail.com
My Email:bbonham@hotmail.com

Monday June 22, 1998 11:50 A.M. Looking foward to Advanced Internet. Sincerely, Bill

John E. Short - 06/19/98 01:54:17
My URL:http://Shanc16191@aol.com

Miss your classes. Must reinroll next fall

Nicholas Bodley - 05/07/98 19:04:24
My URL:http:// (none)
My Email:nbodley@tiac.net

Thanks for a first-rate link to the Y2K problem. Loved the funny one about Coca-Cola! I didn't find much about the 99 problem; maybe it's not important, but I can imagine that some programmers gave "99" a special meaning.

Kim Koda - 05/06/98 00:50:26
My Email:tingaling@worldnet.att.net

Bill I hear you loud and clear! I try to educate people I meet or have the opportunity to speak freely to about the y2k problem. Most people think I am being over dramatic. I intend to make copies of your form letter and other info I have gotten about y2k and pead the word for preparedness as much as I can. Survival is being prepared. Kim

Bill Bonham - 05/04/98 14:01:32
My Email:bbonham@hotmail.com

4 May 1998 8:59 A.M. I have enjoyed taking this class. Maybe I will see you in the future. Sincerely, Bill Bonham

P & M Gilliland - 03/15/98 00:07:33
My Email:fairview6018@juno.com

Just wanted you to know that we received your E Mail message.

Your Buddy - 03/04/98 03:10:43
My Email:You-got-it

YOUR WEB PAGE IS TOPS. WELL, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE UH! PUBLISHED ON THE WEB IS OUTSTANDING. TOO BAD OTHERS DO NOT HAVE YOUR TALENTS!!? KEEP UP THE FINE WORK! COMMENT: The Y2K is surely down-the-tubes before it starts to get off the ground. It will just go deeper into the ground and not go anywhere! ++++++++++++++HAVE A NICE DAY+++++++++++++++++

Neal Freeman - 02/23/98 23:03:45
My Email:neal freeman@hotmail.com

Got the link set up: geocities.com/Eureka/Gold/8812 It's a start. Thanks Neal

Pat Syth - 01/25/98 22:42:49
My Email:e_psyth@hotmail.com

Just checking class info for tomorrow. Neat website!

James Harris - 01/24/98 02:22:29
My URL:http://www.swbell.net
My Email:regiehar@swbell.net


Herbert Long - 01/19/98 13:21:17
My Email:herbertl@hotmail.com

Hi Bill: Enjoy your internet classes and your "Web Site of the Week" messages. Thank you for your input. Herb

GRoberts - 01/17/98 05:13:29
My Email:groberts@getonthe.net

I like your page. Surely you follow Gary North. Gerald

glenn - 12/13/97 17:31:13
My URL:http://okreagan

I am already on your email... I never signed in anywhere before....learning experience for me wow, has your "empire" grown........I remember your homepage when........ha warm regards.....glenn :)

Kyle Wells - 12/09/97 04:51:38


Hugh Earnheart - 11/27/97 05:40:05
My URL:http://www.governair.com
My Email:Hugh@Governair.com

Bill, Mom and dad told me about your webpage and the contents with regards to Y2K. The link you included to the $150,000+ salaries caught my attention. I was impressed with the work that you have put into your webpages; very nicely done. Thank you for the in o. Best regards, Hugh Earnheart

Helen L. Johnson - 10/20/97 16:46:48
My Email:wmlx@hotmail.com

Thanks for a wonderful class. I enjoyed it tremendously. I,m waiting for the more advanced Internet Class. Helen L. Johnson

wayne terry - 10/16/97 20:28:35
My Email:terrwa@accessus.net

I like the info that you put on your webpage. Would there be a charge for your newsletter? If not I would like to receive it. Thank you> terrwa@accessus.net

ncgirlover45 - 10/13/97 12:39:34
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/3080
My Email:over45@hotmail.com


What an interesting website!! Very enjoyable!! I really like your views on the year 2000, it really gives a person somthing to think about. Please send me a newsletter of yours My email addy is on this signing. Thanks for the nice tour of a well put together site. Your friend on the Net, ncgirlover45

Andy Boss - 10/07/97 02:21:13
My Email:Andyinok@juno.com

Hi Bill: Thought I'd just look around. Regards, Andy Boss

Lois Sullivan - 09/15/97 16:49:52
My URL:http://www.juno.com
My Email:sulliclan1@juno.com

I'm in Hotmail as Sulliclan, but in AOL and Juno as sulliclan1.

Lois Sullivan - 09/15/97 16:35:51
My URL:http://www.aol.com
My Email:sulliclan1@aol.com


Judy M. Ward - 09/09/97 14:44:01
My Email:JWard@ms.rose.cc.ok.us

Hi Bill: I am enjoying your home page tremendously. Thanks for sharing it. Judy Ward

Barb - 08/21/97 02:43:05 GMT
My Email:cutabove@hotmail.com

Sorry couldn't get to your class, maybe next time but enjoy the sites of the week. Thank you!

G.C.G. Winters - 08/16/97 14:21:22 GMT
My Email:cin-gair-gabe@mindspring.com

Our favorite web page!!

Brad Rentfrow - 08/12/97 05:06:37 GMT
My Email:c691168@showme.missouri.edu

Hello!! I have taken a few golf lessons from your son, Gary. We've kind of gotten to be friends and shoot the bull every now and then. He told me all about his new computer and about your webpage. When I was surfing one night, I decided to check it out. Good ork! For a personal webpage, I find it pretty large. Oh, well, I need to be getting offline soon. Tell Gary Hi. Oh, good luck with the horses! Brad

Douglas Pilbrow - 08/04/97 05:14:34 GMT
My Email:avenir@promethee.fr

Nice page!

John Short - 07/29/97 01:44:12 GMT

I am ready for the races

Monroe Davis - 06/30/97 21:25:14 GMT
My URL:http://members.aol.com/theperuser
My Email:monroe1d@hotmail.com

Very Very, Good. I'll see what I can copy off here and use on mine.:)

Bill - 06/25/97 01:11:47 GMT
My Email:wkw@hotmail.com

Hi ... this is a test!

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