How do I use my Home Office to make it a productive place?

You have three personal computer capabilities that you should take advantage of in your home office.

First, there is word processing. In your home office use your PC for all of your letters, memos, reports and any other functions that used to be done on a typewriter.

Second, use the spreadsheet software you have on your PC to do any kind of analysis that may be associated with your business. If your business is a one man business then things like your income statement and cash flow analysis can be easily done with spreadsheet software. Once you have your spreadsheets set up you can use them over and over each month just by bringing them up-to-date.

Third, use the data base software you have with your PC to keep track of things like inventory and any lists that you may have associated with your business.

Some examples of word processors are Microsoft's WORD and Corel's WordPerfect. Some examples of spreadsheet software are Microsoft's Excel and Corel's Quattro Pro. An examples of data base software are Microsoft's Access.

In summary then I use word processing, spreadsheets and data base software in handling many of the functions of my business. Here is a list of some of the things that I do:

Word Processing
	Monthly Income Statement
	Monthly Cash Flow Statement
	Stock Charts
	Profit & Loss Statements
	Real Estate Analysis
	Financial Planning
Data Base
	Mailing Lists
	Mailing Labels

Enjoy your home office,


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