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What kind of lifestyle do you want?

It's important to think through and visualize in your mind the lifestyle you want for youself. Each person will come up with a different vision. Basicly what you choose comes down to what you enjoy spending your time doing.

First go through this exercise mentally without any regard for what kind of money resources you will have available to you. You need to do it this way so you can get to what you really like to spend your time doing.

Let me illustrate with an example of my own interests. I like to travel but I like to travel "with a purpose". I love horse racing. I love casino gambling. When I travel I like to go to a destination where I can do these things. Rather than play the golf courses of the world, I would rather visit the horse racing tracks around the world.

Another aspect of travel that is important to me is how I travel. I would much rather travel by plane to my destination, rent a car, and fulfill my purpose of the trip in this way. Someone else might want to own a recreation vehicle and drive to wherever the location is.

So you see just with travel it takes thinking through the details of what you enjoy about traveling. I also like to travel for just short periods of time. This is because after I travel I like to get back home and do the things I like at home. I enjoy gardening and maintaining a nice property. I like reading and spending time on my computer.

Analyzing the cost of this aspect of lifestyle can be easily budgeted and planned in advance each year. You don't have to be a millionaire to do these things. Perhaps the most common sense thing to do is to sit down with pencil and paper and start writing down a list of things that can be anything you want it to be. You must, however, have a clear vision in your mind what that is. Create your own list now.

Happy planning,


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